Undergraduate Students

Dallin Broberg

Major:Physiology and Developmental Biology
Home Town: Carlsbad, California
Lab Section: Western Blots
Hobbies: Hiking skiing and going to Lake Powell

Bryson Caskey
Major: Physiology and Developmental Biology
Home town: Glendale, Arizona
Lab section: Western Blot
Other work: BLM Wildland Firefighter
Life goals: Become a doctor 
Hobbies: Ice hockey, and snowboarding
Miscellaneous: Served a mission in Poland

Steven Chapman
Major: Exercise Science and German Studies
Home town: Orem, Utah
Lab section: Gas 6 project
Other work: NCAA soccer refferee, Teachers assistant, and Care Specialist at a local hospital 
Life goals: Go to medical school and continue research.
Hobbies: Trading stocks, fishing, and hiking.

Andrew Christiansen
Major: Exercise Science Minor: Portuguese 
Home town: Neenah, Wisconsin
Lab section: Genotyping
Life goals: Become a dad and a doctor
Hobbies: Running, playing any sport, reading, and politics  

Connor Christiansen

Major: Physiology and Developmental Biology
Home town: Neenah, Wisconsin
Lab section: Genotyping
Other work: BYU swim team manager
Life goals: Graduate from BYU, get accepted to and attend medical school
Hobbies: Swimming, running, biking, reading, spending time with family

Christian Clark
Major: English
Home town: Orem, Utah
Lab section: Mouse Crew
Other work: Youth League Basketball Coordinator
Life goals: Medical school, wife, kids
Hobbies: Guitar and basketball

Todd Dunaway
Major: Health Science
Home town: Orem, Utah 
Lab section: Mouse Crew 
Other work: Ta, Retinal Specialist Office
Life goals: Go to medical school and be a dad
Hobbies: Sports, reading, running, biking

Mei Mei Edwards